Skittles & Supper Evening

On Friday, 24 June members of the club started to arrive in the bar of The Royal Oak from 7pm onwards.  This night was a particularly busy one in the pub (and there was a village event being held in the school) so parking was difficult and several members had great difficulty in finding a space; but we all succeeded and enjoyed a drink before decanting to the skittles alley upstairs .

Let battle commence!  We started off with a game before the meal - Beauties -v- Beasts (as usual, a war between the sexes).  What a disappointment for the Beauties as the Beasts won the first round.  As the female team were 2 down we decided that the highest scorers should have a go twice - even that did not help as two of the beasties hit the jackpot by getting all their targets down.  Oh well, time for the lovely meal - and what a feast!  Well repleted, we had another game before the dessert and yet again the ladies were trounced. (but only slightly);  but after the dessert, it was a different story.  The Beauties actually won!!  

It was a most enjoyable evening and everyone enjoyed themselves - even though it was 2 - 1 in favour of the men, but I am sure if another game had taken place, the females would have won again as they felt they had turned the corner.  We shall overcome next time!!