HERE ARE 3 ITEMS THAT WILL HAVE SOME INFLUENCE ON CAR OWNERS AND DRIVERS COMING SOON. You can find more detail from the internet on the Government UK sites referring to each item.

Vehicle tax changes.

Abolition of the vehicle tax disc.

From 1 October 2014 you will know longer need to display your tax disc. If your tax runs beyond 1st October you can take it down and throw away as it is redundant. If you are a You Tube Fan there is a Goodbye to the Tax disc ( Enjoy.


You will still need to renew as before but no need to display.This is for all types of vehicles including those exempt from payment of vehicle tax.

This next bit is the crunch and you need to take note.

Buying a vehicle.

You will need to buy road tax immediately on purchase because any remaining Road Tax with your new purchase is NOT TRANSFERABLE. You can tax the vehicle using the New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2) part of the vehicle registration certificate (V5C) online or by using the automated telephone service.


Selling a Vehicle.

Any remaining Road Tax will automatically be refunded to you. You will no longer need to make a separate application for a refund. DVLA will refund as long as they get the notification.

vehicle has been sold or transferred or has been scrapped, exported, or taken off the road (SORN)

The one that may affect MG Owners - the tax class on the vehicle has changed to an exempt duty tax class.

Paying by Direct Debit.

From 1st November it will be possible to pay by Direct Debit. Should this be off interest to the reader I suggest you check the details on Gov Uk web.

Driving Licence changes.

Photo card Driving Licence. You need do nothing.

Old style paper licence issued before photo card introduced in 1998 you are not affected you can keep your licence until you need to upgrade the information (name or address) you will then will be issued with a photo card.

This is the crunch point. ENTITLEMENTS,PENALTY POINTS, of your driving licence wont change.

What to do with your paper counterpart (photo card).

From January 1st 2015 you can destroy if you don't think you need it.

Digital Enquiry Service.

A new system will be in place for such as employers or car hire companies to enable them to check the status. You will have to give your permission for the search.

Dartford Crossing 1st October 2014

Good News and Bad News.

Good News.

No stopping to Pay just drive through.

Bad News.

Still have to pay Day 6am to 10pm. Free 10pm to 6am. But your plate will be clocked as you go through so you either pay in advance or by midnight the day after. All the local and other arrangements stay in place. My advice is to have a check on how you will pay if you plan to use the Crossing.

You can pay - (brackets my comments)

Pre paid account - (only if you are a regular)

Online - (make sure your bank details are secure)

Text - (not whilst driving)

Retail Outlets - (if you are going to Lakeside probably best way)

Over the Phone - (if you have time to spare and its not a rip off number and not whilst driving)

By Post -  (obviously well in advance or the day after rule will hit you)

So remember it is your duty to pay and find the way to do it. Just wondering what would happen if you are driving a non UK registered vehicle. Still should make the driving easier but not the paying.

Malcolm J Murray