Message from Mike Paris
Hi fellow classic car owners.

I have just been sent a link to a Government consultation regarding the testing of historic vehicles.

Here's the link  -

The bones of this are -

1. The consultation is asking for comments. The cut off date for responses is 2 November so we need to act quickly if our opinions are to be considered.

2. The Government preferred option is for a rolling exemption to any safety testing for cars over 40 years old.

3. A mileage limit is being considered and the consultation is asking for proposed values.

4. The current 8 point scheme for deciding if a car has been radically altered for number plate purposes is being considered as a test of whether a car falls outside the historic vehicle category.

I personally feel that all cars should be subject to a periodic test to the standard that prevailed at the time when the car was first registered.

I would also personally suffer from any low mileage limit.

Can you contact other club members and make them aware of this? Can people responsible for club web sites put a message on their sites?

In addition to individual responses I think that responses on behalf of our clubs would be useful.

Mike Parris