SDMGCC 15 years Anniversary Buffet Dinner at the Victory Inn Staplefield Monday 11th August 2014.


After several natters and an assortment of ideas as well as debate as to whether it was 16 or 15 years and also maps and sat navs trying to find Staplefield the celebration went ahead. One decision was clear, the summer months weekends are full of risks from alternative events and Holidays - so lets have it on a normal Natter night. So we did, the August natter was chosen.


The Victory Inn had been checked out as being suitable and available, being a car friendly management, space inside and car parking outside on the green. The menu chosen, 15 year Balloons, club flags ready, Clinton to take the photos for the memories and Marilyn special cake being baked so all ready to go. Despite the usual pleasant weather the day started with overcast skies and rain threatening. The first cars arrived unusually early and were quickly lined up on the green with Flags Flying. The magnetic Club Badges were handed out to be placed on the bonnets. We discovered that some bonnets were not steel and the Badge would not stay in place. We reverted to Plan B and fixed them as best we could. Clinton clicked away and everyone gathered inside the Pub.

The Buffet was placed in position and people helped themselves to the Fruit Punch and the happy sound of people talking and enjoying themselves filled the room. The sound echoed around sounding like a herd of geese, or an aviary full of excited exotic birds.

The Buffet was ready and soon the sounds became one of enjoyment as the food slowly but steadily was consumed. Now was the time for a few words to be spoken. Dennis had brought with him a memento of Pete Sinden known lovingly as Badger. Badger had drawn an MG and a slogan for the newly formed Club. Unfortunately Badgers family were not able to attend but we all showed our gratitude to both him and Dennis for the original idea and formation of the Club. Malcolm and Marilyn also had a few words to say. The Club members were appreciative of the memories of good times past expressed by Marilyn but the wonderful cake especially baked drew applause. The evening grew to a close with the smiles of people who have enjoyed a pleasant evening amongst friends.

South Downs MG Car Club has moved on towards the next milestone of 20 years in good heart.