On 18 October last 14 warriors trooped off in their cars to The Royal Oak to do battle - the Dainty Maids and the Dirty Scoundrels (I leave it to your imagination to discover which gender each team was).

We arrived by 7pm, ordered our drinks, nattered (as one does in a pub) and then wandered up the stairs to the skittles alley.  Stood around chatting a little bit more and had a practice go to warm up.  Then the match proceeded in earnest.

On the throw of a coin the Dainty Maids decided to go first - unfortunately not a high score, followed by the Dirty Scoundrels whose score was much higher.  Another game before supper and again the Scoundrels won  - this time with a ‘strike’.  DS led by 2 games to 0.

Supper was served - and as nourishing and delicious as ever.  It is lovely to have such wonderful fare served - very English and very satisfying;  there was more than enough for everyone to satisfy their cravings.  Once replete, it was back to the contest.

Very unfortunately for the Dainty Maids, the following two games were also lost and the final score was 174 (Dainty Maids) 208 (Dirty Scoundrels). The Dainty Maids” skill had somehow gone stray this evening - never has their cause been so lost.   I will say this in mitigation, DS were very fortunate to have two strikes which gave them a huge advantage and the Man of the Match has to be Gordon Neville for his high score rate.  Well done.

And well done to everyone who came for making this evening yet another fun and laughter event.  Again, there will be two more next year so watch out!  It will be the return of the …………… (whatever the name will be) and the score will be 3 all before the end of the first match and then we”ll see who the victors are (and there will be no crying ‘foul‘ when the females win as there usually is!!!!!).  Our numbers were down on this evening due to various reasons and, judging by the number of regrets received, the numbers will be up again next year.

Marilyn Neville