The windmill at Windmill Hill near Hailsham is a post mill built in 1814.   The annual National Mills Day will be celebrated on Sunday 10th May this year, when those water, wind and horizontal mills all over the country usually open to the public have free admission, various extra displays and stalls, and hope to raise additional funds for their maintenance.  
As a supporter of Windmill Hill windmill, some years ago I encouraged members of Bexhill 100 M.C. to attend the Mills Day with their cars, and while there was no space to exhibit the cars by the windmill, arrangements were made to park them on the green in front of the Horseshoe Inn.   Being adjacent to the main road this was excellent advertising, bringing in more visitors to the Mill and even some passing classic  cars joined us.   This was set to become an annual display but unfortunately last year only three cars turned up. The Windmill are inviting South Downs to bring their cars to this event and  I do urge you to consider supporting this worthwhile event.   Not only is it an opportunity to display your car, but as well as the Mill itself there are stationery engines, a barbeque, home-made cake stall, books, postcards, plants and Morris Dancers.   It is also an opportunity to publicise our club.   No booking is required, just turn up from about 10.30 and stay for as long or short a time as you wish.   You would also get a complimentary cup of tea or coffee on giving evidence of club membership, i.e. wearing club regalia or showing your membership card. 
Gillian Beecher